Tank Upgrade Consulting

Storage tank maintenance and repairs can only go so far, and eventually many of our clients will choose to upgrade their system. This choice is made for many reasons including regulatory compliance, technological improvements, better inventory control, upgrading to a larger tank to minimize storage and delivery costs, and more. A new and improved storage tank is not only likely to save money in operation costs, but it could save money and time as it relates to potential leaks and releases; an upgraded tank can vastly reduce environmental risks associated with the bulk storage of fuel or other hazardous substances.

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, our knowledgeable team of scientists and engineers have extensive experience upgrading and maintaining compliance with storage tank systems. For each case, we carefully assess the specific conditions of the site as well as the budget and timing requirements of the client, to find the absolute best storage tank upgrade options available.

If you have a leaking storage tank or you don’t want to wait until a leak occurs to upgrade your storage tank, Michigan Consulting & Environmental can help! To learn more about our Michigan tank upgrade consulting services, contact us today.