Lead is a naturally-occurring element that is often found in soil, and the presence of high levels of lead can cause serious health issues. In addition to naturally-occurring lead, there are many potential sources of lead in soil, including industrial activities, lead-based paint, or lead-based fuel, which were widely used until recent decades. Exposure to lead can cause a wide range of illnesses and complications including kidney damage, brain damage, and developmental disorders in children.

Many manmade sources of lead can result in dangerous concentrations of lead contaminants in groundwater or soil. Lead contamination must be remediated in order to ensure the safety of those on the property and to stop the further spread of the contaminant. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, our team of environmental specialists have over 100 years of combined experience conducting soil tests for lead. Our experience and thorough knowledge of environmental conditions and concerns in Michigan allow us to provide the most practical and effective lead soil testing solutions.

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