Michigan Hazmat Cleanup

hazmat suit

When accidents happen and chemicals or other hazardous substances make their way into the environment, Michigan Consulting & Environmental is here to help! Our knowledgeable team of engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and safety managers have over 100 years of combined experience investigating and remediating releases of hazardous substances and petroleum products.

Michigan Hazmat Cleanup Services

When hazardous materials such as petroleum or chemicals are released, environmental cleanup is necessary to prevent harm to people and the environment. Whether a spill occurs in a body of water or on a concrete slab, the hazard must be contained in order to prevent contamination of the surrounding environment and potential health threats. Release of hazardous materials or petroleum into the environment can also result in environmental regulation violations and liability if the appropriate measures are not taken to remediate the contamination. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, our cutting-edge cleanup methods and equipment allow us to mitigate any hazardous substance release, no matter how big or small the affected area is.

Whether a spill occurs roadside or on site at your industrial facility, Michigan Consulting & Environmental has the experience and equipment to provide thorough and cost-effective cleanup. Contact us to learn more about our Michigan hazmat cleanup services today!