Aboveground Storage Tank

storage tank

An aboveground storage tank (AST), like a UST, can hold any number of hazardous substances including fuel. AST maintenance and leaks are also strictly regulated by federal and state environmental guidelines. Michigan Consulting & Environmental offers inspections, maintenance, repairs, and leak remediation for ASTs backed by decades of experience working with this type of tank.

Common Aboveground Storage Tank Concerns:

Like USTs, there are many reasons a leak may occur including corrosion, part degradation, or damage. However, unlike USTs, AST leaks can more frequently be prevented by a simple inspection. Depending on the content of your AST, inspections should be completed at regular intervals as frequently as once per month for fuel ASTs. Leaks can release fuel or chemicals that can cause a number of serious health problems including central nervous system disorders, developmental disorders, cancer, and more due to contamination of groundwater and air. Our AST inspection and maintenance services are conducted within the guidelines of Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations and others.

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