Contaminated Site Dewatering

contaminated site

Site dewatering is a common requirement in construction projects. The process involves removing surface water or groundwater from a construction site to facilitate ideal working and building conditions. This is often needed when a project calls for work below the water table. If the surface water or groundwater is contaminated, special measures must be taken during water removal and disposal to prevent contact with contaminants and the further spread of contaminants in the environment.

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, our team of geologists, hydrologists, engineers, and consultants have decades of experience carrying out site dewatering projects where contamination is present. Each contaminated water removal job presents unique conditions and challenges that can often require creative solutions, a combination of remediation and removal methods, and several types of specialized equipment. In some cases water treatment or remediation may be needed prior to dewatering, which typically involves removal of water via pumping or evaporation. If the water is removed prior to treatment that resolves contamination, it must be disposed of by qualified environmental specialists in compliance with environmental regulations about wastewater and contaminated water disposal. When our team is contracted to handle site dewatering, a dedicated project manager works closely with the client to find the best solutions given the specific conditions at the site while addressing the budget and scheduling concerns of the construction project.

Don’t let contaminated water slow down or stop your construction project! Contact us today to learn more about our Michigan contaminated site dewatering services.