Indoor Air Quality Assessment

indoor air quality

Indoor air quality may be a concern for a number of reasons; old buildings may contain hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead-based paint that can be dispersed into the air over time. Water damage or high humidity may cause mold to grow in areas that are difficult or impossible to access, which can then grow and release spores into the air. Chemical pollutants, carbon monoxide, smoke, and a host of other sources can also be the source of persistent air quality issues indoors. All of these substances can be very harmful to human health, especially after prolonged exposure. Identifying and remediating indoor air quality issues is essential to maintaining a clean, safe environment in your facility for the sake of yourself, your employees, and the value of your property.

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we have the expertise to test in a variety of conditions for a wide range of contaminants. Our experienced environmental technicians are committed to offering our clients viable and affordable solutions for indoor air quality assessment needs. Based on the specific conditions and requirements of each job site, we use a combination of cutting-edge and tried and true methods to assess indoor air quality.

If you think the air quality in your facility is contaminated, don't wait for symptoms to worsen, call or contact us today to learn more about our Michigan indoor air quality assessment services.