Tank Removal

underground strorage tanks

Underground storage tank removals are expedited efficiently and professionally, embracing the stringent rules and regulations set by the State of Michigan and the Environmental Protection Agency. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we are steadfast in our commitment to safety, which is essential when approaching a tank removal project.

Our team of environmental scientists and engineers have serviced thousands of storage tanks including ASTs, USTs, and LUSTs. We are very familiar with all types of storage tanks and the risks associated with their removal. Regarding fuel storage tanks, we possess a thorough knowledge of explosive limits to ensure that removal goes forward with as little risk to the site and our safety as possible while the project is ongoing. If your tank needs to be replaced for any reason, we can facilitate safe, professional removal while keeping your budget and time constraints in mind.

In many cases, our clients have also been able to minimize costs with matching funds for tank removal through the Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority (MUSTA) funding program.

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