Underground Storage Tank

storage tank installation

The EPA classifies any storage tank with 10 percent of its volume below ground level as an underground storage tank (UST). Michigan Consulting & Environmental employs highly qualified and experienced engineers and environmental scientists who can facilitate UST inspections, consulting, repairs, maintenance, and removal.

Common Underground Storage Tank Concerns:

USTs can be a major environmental hazard if they are not regularly inspected and properly maintained. In many cases, the body of USTs are made of metals that can corrode over time due to exposure to moisture in the soil. Corrosion and other degradation of parts in the UST system can result in leaks that release petroleum or other chemicals into the surrounding soil. Contaminants in the soil due to UST leaks should be remediated as soon as possible to prevent the spread of hazardous substances to groundwater, air, and other environmental media. Not only is a neglected UST a major risk to the environment, but in many cases, depending on the location and contents of the tank, environmental regulation compliance may require regular inspections and maintenance. Our team of specialists are experts in addressing environmental concerns about both fuel USTs and chemical USTs.

If you have questions about your UST or are considering installing one, contact Michigan Consulting & Environmental today.