Plume Cleanup

plume cleanup

Contaminants trapped in soil from prior spills or dumping can be released as a plume of toxins into waterways or groundwater. When a plume of contaminants forms in groundwater, the toxins can move through the ground into homes and through the ground surface as vapor. Common sources of plumes include leaking underground storage tanks and dumped or spilled chlorinated solvents. Plumes must be contained and remediated in order to stop the spread of toxins into the air and water sources. If a plume occurs on your property or as a result of your business' activities, assessment and cleanup should be conducted in order to maintain compliance with state environmental regulations.

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we have decades of experience administering plume cleanup and navigating the regulatory system. We use a combination of well-established and innovative remedial techniques, meaning our clients can rest assured that they receive the best possible plume solutions. We are committed to offering viable and thorough Michigan plume cleanup services while maintaining a safe work environment and a cost-effective solution for our clients.

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