Asbestos Testing


Asbestos is a silicate mineral that was used heavily in construction and building materials until only a few decades ago. Many structures in the U.S. built before the 1990s contain large amounts of the hazardous material. Asbestos in the workplace can result in prolonged exposure for you or your employees. Exposure to asbestos can cause a number of health problems including mesothelioma and fibrotic lung disease.

If you suspect your facility contains asbestos, Michigan Consulting & Environmental is here to help! Our team of experienced and knowledgeable environmental scientists can provide thorough asbestos testing to help identify the hidden hazard in your property. If asbestos is identified in your facility, we can help find the right asbestos abatement solution for you and help you create a safer environment for your employees!

To learn more about our Michigan asbestos testing services, contact us today.