Site Cleanup

cleaning site

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we understand just how messy a job site can get! Whether your site needs to be cleaned up before transitioning to a new use or you need cleanup as a result of a spill or an accumulation of hazardous materials, we have an affordable solution backed by over 100 years of combined experience conducting site cleanup projects. Site cleanup may also be needed in order to comply with environmental regulations, and we have extensive experience navigating the regulatory system as well.

Each environmental site cleanup job is overseen by a dedicated project manager who works closely with the client to address any concerns related to the project including minimizing operation disruptions and cost. Every site cleanup job is unique, and a project manager also helps coordinate our knowledgeable and experienced staff, ensuring that the right team of engineers, environmental scientists, or geologists are assigned to the job based on the specific project needs. All of our staff are committed to providing excellent cleanup services while prioritizing safety on site.

To learn more about our Michigan environmental site cleanup services, contact us today!