Vapor Intrusion Assessment

Vapor intrusion is the result of chemical spills or leaks that are not remediated before they are able to spread. When hazardous substances such as gasoline, chemical solvents, degreasers, and more are allowed to seep into soil and spread via groundwater, those chemicals can eventually evaporate. As evaporation occurs, the chemical vapor rises into the air above, finding its way into the air inside buildings. When this process of vapor intrusion occurs, indoor air quality can be affected and it can become a major health hazard depending on the concentration and type of chemical vapor present.

Michigan Consulting & Environmental has overseen hundreds of vapor intrusion studies. Our team of trained and experienced geologists, engineers, and environmental scientists use a combination of tried and innovative methods to assess soil vapor intrusion. Our goal is to make the most effective and cost-efficient recommendations for remediation and to protect your indoor air from contamination by conducting thorough vapor intrusion investigations, including assessment of soil vapor points and sub slab vapor points.

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