Facility Decommissioning Project Management

When your facility closes or moves to a new location, the daunting task of facility decommissioning begins. During the facility decommissioning process, facility operators and owners may be faced with a long list of legal and practical challenges related to environmental compliance and safety. The best way to approach a decommissioning project is to develop a detailed decommissioning plan with the help of an environmental consulting specialist. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we have over 100 years of combined experience navigating the complex regulatory guidelines related to environmental standards in Michigan. We provide assistance with facility decommissioning project management from the first step to the last, so our clients can rest assured their facility will be safely decommissioned within the state and national environmental regulation requirements.

During your facility decommissioning project, certain environmental tests may be necessary depending on the nature of operations at the facility. If contamination is discovered through testing, the next steps often require remediation or site cleanup. Our team of knowledgeable environmental technicians, scientists, geologists, and engineers are experienced in handling many types of contamination in many areas including soil, groundwater, and other locations. Our wide range of services in consulting, testing, cleanup, and remediation mean that we understand every step of the processes that needs to take place in order maintain compliance with regulations during decommissioning. During this type of project, a dedicated project manager oversees all stages of work, working closely with the client to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective measures to take.

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