Lansing, MI Environmental Consulting Services

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we strive to provide our Lansing, MI clients with the most cost-effective and powerful environmental solutions. We are not only committed to the environment and the satisfaction of our clients, but also to the safety of our team and yours throughout any project no matter how large or small. We have the expertise to guide our clients through every stage of environmental projects from assessment and testing to remediation and risk management.

Environmental Testing

When environmental contamination is suspected, testing is an essential step that should always be conducted by an experienced team of professionals. Our knowledge and experience allows us to execute thorough and informative testing while keeping costs low for our clients. When testing is completed, we can also provide consultation and remediation services where contaminants are found.

Storage Tank Services

Storage tanks that contain hazardous materials come with unique environmental risks and challenges. We have over 100 years of combined experience working with all types of tanks holding a range of substances and situated in a variety of settings. Working with an environmental specialist is the best way to minimize the risk of storage tank releases, plan a tank upgrade, or carry out a storage tank removal.

Environmental Services

Protecting the environment is not only a humanitarian effort, but it is also dictated by federal and state regulations in many circumstances. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we have the experience needed to guide our clients through any compliance or regulatory issue that may arise whether from a real estate transaction, Brownfield project, or from commercial or industrial activities.

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