Jackson, MI Environmental Consulting Services

Michigan Consulting & Environmental proudly serves Jackson, MI. We offer our clients innovative and cost-effective solutions to a range of environmental concerns and circumstances. We strive to protect and improve environmental conditions with every project we take on while considering the specific needs of each project, client, and location. When you need reliable and professional environmental consulting, cleanup, or assessment, our skilled team of specialists is here to help!

Environmental Services

Navigating environmental regulations in the state of Michigan can be a challenge for owners and facility operators on any type of property. We provide thorough and professional assessments and consulting for our clients while guiding them through the process of regulatory compliance.

Storage Tank Services

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience handling storage tank projects involving both aboveground and underground storage tanks that contain potential contaminants. Working with environmental specialists is the best way to ensure that your storage tank is up to code and that you have minimized the risk of environmental contamination whenever possible. This is especially true if you suspect a leaking storage tank or are ready to remove or upgrade a tank.

Environmental Testing

Environmental testing is necessary wherever contamination is suspected. This is the first step in identifying released contaminants and assessing the extent of contamination. It is important to utilize a trusted environmental professional during this stage to establish the most appropriate plan of action for remediation or cleanup.

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