Flint, MI Environmental Consulting Services

Michigan Consulting & Environmental proudly serves Flint, MI by providing powerful and cost-effective environmental solutions to our clients. We are committed to protecting and improving environmental conditions to benefit the residents and ecosystems in Flint and across Michigan and the United States. Our team of experienced and knowledgable experts includes environmental scientists, engineers, geologists, and more.

Environmental Services

Our team of environmental specialists use their vast knowledge of state and federal regulations to help guide our clients assess environmental risk and maintain compliance. Whether you are purchasing or selling property and an assessment is required or you want to ensure that your commercial or industrial facility is minimizing environmental risk while staying compliant, we can help!


When contaminants are found in the environment or a chemical or fuel release occurs, Michigan Consulting & Environmental has the thorough, innovative, and cost-effective solutions you need. An experienced project manager leads each remediation project from start to finish, drawing on the specialized knowledge and skills of our team of scientists, engineers, and geologists to plan the best course of action for our clients and the environment.

Storage Tank Services

Wherever storage tanks are present, there are certain environmental risks that must be addressed depending on the type, contents, and the location of the tank. We have over 100 years of combined experience handling tank removals, leaks or releases, and tank-related environmental risk assessments.

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