Brighton, MI Environmental Consulting Services

Our convenient Brighton, MI location makes us both accessible and cost-effective. Our passion for helping create a clean and safe environment is extended to all of Michigan Consulting & Environmental's services. We work closely with our clients to provide the best environmental solution for each unique project based on site conditions, regulations, and client concerns such as project timeline and cost.

Environmental Testing

Testing Michigan's environment for possible contaminants is important in keeping it clean, safe, and naturally beautiful. Spills and other contaminants don't always appear harmful to the eye, but can actually cause significant damage if left untreated. We offer professional environmental testing to ensure the preservation of our habitat while keeping you compliant with federal and state regulations.

Environmental Services

Statewide guidelines are put into place by agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency in order to preserve our Michigan environment and protect residents from harmful contaminants. Residents and businesses are required to follow these rules, but navigating and understanding the regulations can be challenging. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced environmental scientists, engineers, and geologists helps provide practical and efficient environmental consulting solutions.

Hazmat Cleanup

When contaminants or chemicals are spilled in water, on concrete, or directly on the ground, they can spread and negatively impact the environment around them. Birds, fish, plants, and humans are then exposed to these chemicals, which may lead to health problems or even death. Our hazmat cleanup services not only help to preserve life and beauty in the environment, but they also ensure compliance with state and federal regulations regarding environmental practices.

Years of superior service, innovative solutions, and a commitment to both cost-effectiveness and safety has allowed Michigan Consulting & Environmental direct involvement in the improvement and preservation of the environment for future generations.

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