Ann Arbor, MI Environmental Consulting Services

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we are committed to protecting and improving the environment to benefit the people and ecosystems that sustain life in Ann Arbor, across Michigan, and the United States. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced environmental scientists, geologists, and engineers strive to bring our clients powerful and cost-effective environmental solutions for a range of circumstances and issues.

Hazmat Cleanup

When hazardous substances are released into the environment, thorough and professional cleanup is essential to stop the spread of contaminants and prevent human exposure and damage to local ecosystems. We have over 100 years of combined experience providing hazmat cleanup services that prioritize safety while utilizing innovative methods and equipment.

Environmental Services

Protecting the environment is not only a choice we believe in, but it is also required and dictated by several state and federal regulatory agencies depending on the property in question. Whether you require a specific environmental assessment during real estate transactions or construction or you want to ensure compliance at your industrial or commercial facility, Michigan Consulting & Environmental can guide you through the process while providing expert environmental services.

Environmental Remediation

Cities like Ann Arbor, that are home to a diverse range of institutions and activities, are bustling with environmental risks. When contamination occurs or is discovered as a result of prior activities on a property, having a thorough and effective remediation plan is extremely important. We work closely with our clients to develop the most appropriate course of action based on the specific environmental conditions and client concerns for each remediation project.

To learn more about our powerful and cost-effective Ann Arbor, MI environmental consulting services, contact us today.